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Navigating an Online Nursing Program: The Student Perspective

Georgetown University School of Nursing & Health Studies’ online Master’s in Nursing program uses a Web-based learning management system called 2GU that is designed to connect students with professors, colleagues, and classmates while delivering powerful mobile tools to facilitate student engagement. The 2GU learning management system includes new features that allow students to download files, lectures, and videos and view them without Internet access.

What Our Students Say

We asked a few of our students to describe how 2GU influences their online learning experience. Here is what they had to say:

“As an ‘older’ student, I love the technology. There are no limitations. Jackie Anderson, Nursing Student The whole world is accessible in the 2GU classroom when we connect. It is authentic. It is rich. There is flexibility in preparation. The faculty in the asynch lectures are excellent. 2GU is efficient and effective.”

Jackie Anderson (G’14) of California 

“The Learning Management System (2GU) platform is indeed a technological innovation that allows students who are aRandulf Erguiza, Nursing Student geographically distant from each other to come together and earn the best education from Georgetown University. The University lives up to its premier reputation of quality education by incorporating 2GU in its distance education. The 2GU platform is a perfect learning medium for graduate students who want to get the best education, but are constrained by issues of distance and travel time. This learning platform is pioneering distance education without compromising Georgetown University’s educational standards.”

Randulf Erguiza (G’14) of California

“2GU has been phenomenal. I love the fact that I can listen and Hannah Moon, Nursing Alumni re-listen to lectures even after the semester is over. The videos and wall postings have been invaluable throughout my clinical experiences. I find myself referring back to previous resources from my FNP courses all the time.”

Hannah Moon (G’13) MS, RN, FNP-BC, of Washington, D.C.

“As a blended online system, I particularly enjoy the interactive component of 2GU. Attending live class sessions and Marie Mendoza, Nursing Student study sessions remains a valuable experience for me. As a person who learns best visually, I appreciate the ability to rewind and replay lectures or class sessions in order to enhance my understanding. In comparison to other online programs, this interactive classroom ‘blend’ remains advantageous for Georgetown University students. It is attending school, but without the hassles of traffic, parking, or book bags. Yay, 2GU!”

Marie Mendoza (G’15) of Texas

“2GU is fantastic, and it’s always improving! Even though I’m at home, I still feel very connected to my Maria Fife, Nursing Studentinstructors and peers. It’s helpful to be able to log on whenever I need to check reminders, view asynchronous sessions, or connect with others. If I ever need help with something related to 2GU, the support staff is timely and efficient in resolving problems and answering concerns.”

Marie Fife (G’14) of Oregon