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Online FNP Program Develops Community Connections in Rural West Virginia

A recent service trip to West Virginia provided Georgetown University graduate-level nursing students with the opportunity to assist with ongoing clean-up efforts from 2016’s devastating flood.

Shaping Cities to Support Health: A Closer Look at Global Urbanization

The trend of city migration comes with unique challenges for primary care practitioners who are charged with maintaining the health of a growing population. Using findings from the World Health Organization, Nursing@Georgetown created an infographic to show which nations are experiencing the most dramatic shifts in population density.


Childbirth Options, Explored

Isolated decision-making during child labor continues to put women at risk. Fully considering who will provide care and where that care will take place can dispel myths around impending motherhood, as women prepare to give birth to healthy newborns.

Mental Health Challenges for Aging Americans

The most common mental health disorders for aging Americans are depression and anxiety, which are also leading risk factors for suicide. Nursing@Georgetown illustrates some of the common signs and risk factors of depression among aging Americans.

How Will the Nurse Shortage Affect Your State?

Nursing@Georgetown created the following infographic —based on data from a 2014 HRSA report, “The Future of the Nursing Workforce: National- and State-Level Projections, 2012-2025 ” — to help illustrate which states will need more nurses over the next decade.

How Will Telemedicine Impact the Future of Health Care?

Telemedicine, or telehealth, involves real-time communication between a patient and a doctor, Family Nurse Practitioner (FNP), or other provider. It can be used to treat chronic conditions and for remote patient monitoring, medical education, and specialist consultations.