Nursing License Map: New Resource for Nurses

Nurses seeking information about licensing requirements and guidelines across the country have a new resource to use in their search with the launch of the Nursing License Map.

The Nursing License Map, brought to you by Nursing@Georgetown, is a Web site that launched last week as a free resource available to the general public.

Nursing@Georgetown has been working with developers and a team dedicated to exploring the world of nursing licensure to bring this resource to life and make it available, for free, to anyone interested. In addition to licensure information, Nursing License Map offers information about nursing careers, nursing salaries, and other topics. The goal with the release of this map is to encourage and facilitate higher education in nursing to create a new generation of highly trained and highly skilled nurses.

We invite you to learn more about the Nursing@Georgetown program, or call our admissions team at 1-877-910-4692.