Faculty Advisors

Georgetown University School of Nursing (GUSON) online degree programs pair each student with a Clinical Faculty Advisor (CFA) at the beginning of the clinical sequence. The CFA models, mentors, and advises their clinical graduate student.

Through their relationship with the CFA, students develop a medium for clinical enrichment, are provided professional support, and establish a mechanism to ensure continuity of open communication. Specifically, CFAs focus on:

  • Identifying a student’s learning style and needs during the clinical practicum.
  • Clarifying expectations related to the clinical experience.
  • Overseeing the mastery of instructional content as integrated into the clinical setting.
  • Evaluating and promoting skill development.
  • Monitoring clinical progress, reviewing clinical evaluation tools and clinical case discussion, and communicating with preceptors.
  • Collaborating with didactic course faculty to ensure achievement of course objectives.
  • Providing support for professional problem-solving.

If you are interested in learning more about becoming a Clinical Faculty Advisor for Nursing@Georgetown, please contact us at 202-687-7258 or via email.

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