Clinical Preceptors

Georgetown University School of Nursing (GUSON) selects preceptors who act as highly skilled mentors for students. GUSON faculty thoroughly review and approve all preceptors. Nursing preceptors work alongside faculty to provide clinical training, supervision, and evaluation of students to prepare them for the complex, ever-changing health care landscape.

Become a Clinical Nurse Preceptor for Georgetown University

At the start of the clinical placement process, students may provide suggestions or referrals of known clinical sites or nurse preceptors. 

Nursing@Georgetown placement specialists will also network with Georgetown University-established nurse preceptors to locate clinical sites that meet our standards and will provide students with the rigorous clinical experience they need to excel.

Georgetown University seeks partnerships with skilled health care providers to act as nurse preceptors. Nurse preceptors for our nurse practitioner students have the opportunity to develop their leadership and mentoring skills while helping to shape future APRNs .

Our nursing preceptors enjoy a number of benefits, including:

  • The opportunity to earn American Nurses Credentialing Center (ANCC) credit hours
  • Appointment as a Georgetown University Sponsored University Affiliate
  • Access to Georgetown University library resources
  • Access to a variety of clinical reference software
  • Introduction to aspiring nursing leaders who can become assets to your organization
  • Relationship building with faculty and students of one of the nation’s most respected nursing programs

“Having students working with me makes me stop and think about what I do each day with each patient. That is what I believe is the benefit of working with students; they question and make us think about what we do. Students always make me learn along with them.”

— Don Pallone, CRNP-BC, Georgetown University Preceptor

To learn more about how you can become a clinical preceptor for Georgetown University’s online graduate nursing degree programs, please contact us at 202-687-7258 or via email.

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