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    In states with indoor tanning laws


    female high school students indoor tan, while in states without indoor tanning laws 30.1% indoor tan.

    Source: Guy

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    Using an indoor tanning device, even once, is associated with,


    increase in the risk of developing melanoma skin cancer. If the use occurs before age 35, the risk of melanoma increases by 87%.

    Source: Bionol

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    MYTH: Young people don’t get cancer.

    FACT: Indoor tanning is thought to be partially responsible for an increase in melanoma cases among young adult women.

    Source: Guy

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    MYTH: Base tans help prevent sunburn.

    FACT: Achieving a base tan does not prevent sunburn.

    Source: Dennis et al

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    In a 2010 survey,


    of adults reported indoor tanning in the previous year. The highest prevalence — almost 1/3 — was among white women ages 18 to 25.

    Source: CDC

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    of men younger than 40 tan at some point in their lives. Men are less likely than women to use sun protection and are nearly two times more likely than women to die from melanoma.

    Source: Choi

Our gratitude to Darren Mays, Ph.D., MPH, and Sarah Murphy of the Lombardi Comprehensive Cancer Center at Georgetown University Medical Center for their assistance.

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