The Georgetown University Experience
Delivered Online

Georgetown University School of Nursing is committed to offering driven, compassionate nurses the high-quality education they need to become leaders in health care settings.

To honor this commitment to excellence and innovation in the field, Georgetown University has been delivering graduate nursing programs online since 2011. Our classes and coursework are delivered through a sophisticated platform designed with the needs of online learners in mind, backed by research in curriculum and pedagogy.

By combining intuitive virtual learning with extensive in-person preparation, our academically rigorous, values-based nursing programs empower you to practice with purpose.

Engage in Open Dialogue in Live Classes

You will join fellow nurses in weekly live classes, designed and led by renowned Georgetown University School of Nursing faculty members. The collaborative environment allows for in-depth discussions, real-time presentations, and on-screen annotations.

Below, you can view a sample of a live class session. This selection was recorded during Health Care Ethics (NURO 518), one of our core courses:

Breakout rooms facilitate group projects and enable discussions in a more intimate setting.

Recorded sessions allow you to review live class sessions any time, from anywhere.

Real-Time Interaction encourages you to form strong relationships with classmates and instructors.

To give you a firsthand look at the Nursing@Georgetown learning experience, we are offering you the opportunity to visit a class with current students, just as you might for an on-campus program. You will see how our technology both animates the course content and allows our students to collaborate in real time, forming close relationships even in a virtual classroom.

To schedule your class visit, contact an Admissions Counselor at 1-877-910-4692 or

Explore an Intuitive Virtual Hub

Our digital platform smoothly integrates the Nursing@Georgetown curriculum into immersive multimedia course content. High-quality videos, interactive readings, and quizzes help reinforce the fundamental technical, ethical, and interpersonal skills required for advanced nursing practice.

The platform allows you to personalize your experience based on your learning style and other sensory needs, using features such as dark mode, searchable video transcripts, and adjustable video speed.

Evolve as a Practitioner Through In-Person Experiences

While classes and coursework for Nursing@Georgetown are completed online, real-world experience plays a critical role in developing nurses who are morally reflective health care leaders and scholars.

In the MS in Nursing, BSN to DNP, and Post-Graduate Certificate programs, you will engage in the following hands-on learning:

Clinical Placement

Throughout the program, you will participate in extensive clinical placement experiences, working under the supervision of a designated clinical preceptor. The placement portal helps you stay organized and engaged in your placement process and log your hours easily. Learn more about clinical placement.

Objective Clinical Intensives (OCI)

You will attend academic visits throughout the Washington, DC metro area, where you will collaborate with peers, engage in high-fidelity simulations, and refine your clinical techniques in common procedures and exams. Learn more about OCIs.

Access Support at Every Step

Be it admissions guidance, post-enrollment support, technology training, faculty office hours, or even lifelong networking and career-development opportunities, you have the full support of the Georgetown University School of Nursing community. See all the ways we support our nursing students.

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