On-Campus Intensives

The Nursing@Georgetown On-Campus Intensives (OCIs) are academic visits in which students complete in-person skill assessments with the faculty. Lasting anywhere from three to five days, the OCIs will allow you to exercise your skills through concentrated, rigorous practice. The OCIs will also aid in building your confidence as you develop your clinical competencies, preparing you to excel after graduation. The number of OCIs you will be required to attend will vary based on your degree program and specialization.

As a Nursing@Georgetown student completing OCIs, you will: 

  • Participate in clinical training through high-fidelity simulators, standardized patients, and/or training workshops.
  • Attend program events held for students and faculty.
  • Collaborate in-person with faculty and peers.

While on site, you will engage in faculty-led instruction and practice through simulation at the O’Neill Family Foundation Clinical Simulation Center within the School of Nursing & Health Studies. The high-fidelity simulator can realistically replicate physiological conditions and symptoms as well as pharmacological responses, allowing you to hone your skills in a safe, supervised environment.

You will visit Georgetown University’s campus for your first OCI during your Advanced Health Assessment (AHA) course. For subsequent specialty OCI experiences, you may be required to visit the off-campus location of a Georgetown University affiliate. All affiliate campuses ensure access to the resources needed to meet all academic objectives.

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