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How to Prepare for Childbirth: Choosing a Provider and Setting

Expectant mothers may choose from several kinds of perinatal providers and settings. Fully considering each can help ensure comfort and safety in childbirth.

Opioid Prescriptions: What to Ask

More than 11 million Americans misused their prescription opioids in 2017, according to the CDC. Read Georgetown’s guide for tips on how to communicate with your provider about an opioid prescription.

Girls’ Rights and Self-Advocacy in Health Care

With an understanding of their rights and how clinicians can offer support, adolescent girls can learn to advocate for their health.

Common Health Concerns for Girls and Young Women

Care providers can be invaluable resources. How can adolescent girls bring up sensitive concerns with confidence and ensure their questions are addressed?

Donating Blood in Times of Crisis: How to Help

Just 3% of eligible donors give blood every year, making it too easy to have a shortage of blood in times of crisis. Find out how you can help people in need of blood during an emergency.

Understanding Blood Donations

About 30,000 blood donors are needed each day to meet average demand, according to America’s Blood Centers. Where do those donations go and whom do they help?