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How to Talk About Cancer: A Communication Guide for Cancer Patients, Providers, and Loved Ones

How to Talk About Cancer

There is no one right way to share a cancer diagnosis, and loved ones of cancer patients will often have different reactions to the news. Although cancer patients do not have to share information about their condition with everyone in their lives, preparing to have difficult conversations can help ease tension around talks about a cancer diagnosis, treatment, and outlook. Nurses, too, can learn strategies for gentle and effective communication with cancer patients.  Read on to learn more about how nurses, patients, family, and friends can effectively communicate about cancer. The links below can help you navigate to sections that […]

The Aging Nursing Workforce

The Aging Nursing Workforce

The aging nursing workforce will create room for newcomers to assume a variety of nursing roles across the country, but here are some ways to make sure their accumulated knowledge and clinical experience does not go out the door with them.