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A Deeper Understanding of Palliative Care

According to a review published in the New England Journal of Medicine, seven in 10 Americans feel “not at all knowledgeable” about the meaning of palliative care. While palliative care, end of life care, and hospice care all seek to relieve suffering, each field has unique value to add to a patient’s experience in the care continuum.

Sleeping Well in the Digital Age

Between smartphones, computer monitors, TVs, and tablets, excessive screen time is the new normal. Nursing@Georgetown created the following infographic to illustrate why it’s important to reduce your screen time before going to sleep. Read on to learn more.

Postpartum Depression: Signs and Resources for Help

The crippling sadness and overwhelming fatigue associated with PPD can disrupt a woman’s ability to care for herself and her child. By recognizing the symptoms and getting the right help from health care providers, PPD can be treated so a new mom can better enjoy her baby and this special time in her life.

The Heartache of Cardiovascular Comorbidities

As the incidence of comorbidities increases, more primary care patients can be considered complex patients. Reducing the risk of fatal coronary events in diabetic patients requires understanding how diabetes affects the heart and vascular system.


Nursing@Georgetown’s Guide to a Healthy Pregnancy

Designed to help future mothers prepare for childbirth, Nursing@Georgetown’s Midwifery faculty demystify each step of pregnancy, so mothers can focus on the joy of motherhood.

Online FNP Program Develops Community Connections in Rural West Virginia

A recent service trip to West Virginia provided Georgetown University graduate-level nursing students with the opportunity to assist with ongoing clean-up efforts from 2016’s devastating flood.