Career Outcomes for Nurse Practitioners in Seattle

With a combination of high employment levels, a high average salary, and full scope of practice, nurse practitioners (NPs) in Seattle and cities across Washington state experience some of the strongest career outcomes of nurses across the nation.

The state of Washington boasts 2,660 employed NPs. Almost half (1,030) practice in the Seattle-Bellevue-Everett, WA Metropolitan Division, where NPs earn an annual mean wage of $108,540.

Scope of Practice in Seattle

Nurse practitioners in the Seattle area and throughout the state benefit from full scope of practice, a status determined by state practice and licensure law. This means that NPs who receive licensure from the state board of nursing in Washington carry out all of the health care functions for which they were trained, including evaluating and diagnosing patients, ordering and interpreting diagnostic tests, determining treatments, and prescribing medications.

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